Writing with Spunk

I craft clear, highly targeted copy using the most modern SEO techniques.

We’re not just trying for communicative, we’re trying for compelling, provocative pieces to engage readers on a whole new level – all while keeping a clear, consistent brand. My copy keeps coming because I’m curious, adaptable, and eager to climb the next mountain that’s standing in your way. My degree in film means I can edit images and sound in a pinch. My degree in biology means I can double as a medical writer. 

-“Chasing the Navajo” is a travel article taking readers deep into the heart of the American Southwest, all via 3,000-year-old Navajo trails.

-“Le Boudoir” is part of an app adventure called “Sounds & Libations.” It leads readers to the best restaurants featuring live music in New York City.

-“Failing Upwards,” a series depicting the trials and troubles of popular products on their way to market, written for a business start-up magazine. Article: “The Roomba”