Getting it Right

Every piece of work should be polished until it shines. As a proofreader, I spot errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax. As a copy editor I rewrite copy as necessary for clarity and conformity to style guidelines. I also flush out hard-to-find facts, write headlines, and draw up catchy captions. I can line edit in Word, Acrobat, and Google Docs. I’ve done it all before: manuscripts, screenplays, and articles conforming to CMS, AP, AMA, or custom style guides. For a look at my work, check out the below:

-Copy editing a web article.

-Line editing a children’s picture book manuscript.

-And because I can’t resist… some basic proofreading I did just for fun on an already-published, best selling diet book whose ebook version didn’t get quite the editorial attention it needed.